Stop Littering On Our Chicago Streets!

You know what's irksome? When you're sitting at a stoplight in traffic and someone in the car in front of you hurls a bag from their favorite fast food joint out the window. Really? What are we doing here? Can you not wait until you get to your destination and throw the garbage away? Can you not pull into a gas station or a strip mall parking lot and toss the bag in a trash can?

This is nothing new, I have seen people litter our streets so often that it really blows my mind. And the sad part is that the people who are doing it are not just kids or teens, I have actually seen grown folks do this too!

Not only does it look ugly to see garbage in the middle of the street, but it makes the entire neighborhood look bad, not to mention the negative affects trash has on the environment.

So please Chicagoans, the next time you finish that four for 4 don't toss your trash out the window of your car, please throw it away in a garbage can where it belongs. Thank you.


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