Eddie Murphy May Get Back on Stage -- For $70 Million

Netflix is no joke. The streaming company has been snatching celebs left and right for programming, and even former President and First Lady Obama will be doing some shows and films on Netflix. Now comes word that funny man Eddie Murphy -- whom we have been waiting for years to hit the stage again -- is in talks to score some comedy specials.

Although there is no word on how many comedy specials he would be required to do, Mr. Murphy is in such high demand that Netflix is willing to pay. No man, they are willing to PAY. I'm talking millions of dollars! How about 70 million? Wow, that is a lot of money, but if Eddie hits that stage and keeps us laughing like he used to, I'm pretty sure he would be well worth it. Not to mention dude has 10 children ... that 70 mil would definitely help out.


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