Ways To Prepare Your Children For Back To School

Well that time of year is here where we begin to think about going back to school. Anytime you see the Bud Billiken Parade make its way down King Drive, that means school is right around the corner.

Going back to school can be either a joyous occasion or a not-so-pleasant experience for students. Some students who have been going to the same school for years are probably eager to get back to the routine of the classroom and their friends. But there are students who perhaps transferred to another school, or who will be entering the next level of school who may be hesitant on the first day.

Here are some tips to help ease your child back into the classroom:

  1. Give your child a weekly reminder of the first day of school so they know that it is approaching.
  2. Drive past their school instead of taking another route home.
  3. Take them shopping for school supplies and let them pick a couple of items that they really want.
  4. Take them shopping for new school clothes and let them pick at least a couple of items they really want.
  5. Encourage your child to read a book, put together a puzzle, play board games or something that stimulates the mind days before the first day of school.
  6. Have your child help prepare and pack their lunches for a week prior to the first day of school.
  7. Have a conversation about the importance of education and why going to school every day is necessary.
  8. Encourage your child to participate in extra-curricular activities offered by the school, or enroll them in community or city programs.
  9. Make sure your child is getting enough sleep, is eating healthy meals and snacks regularly, and getting daily exercise.
  10. Discuss a family emergency plan and practice it to ensure your child is comfortable in the event of an emergency.

And here's a bonus ... tell your children you are proud of them and you love them.

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