Aaliyah Wax Figure Will Be On Display in Las Vegas

It has finally happened and I'm glad about it. The late singer Aaliyah will be getting a wax figure at Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum in Las Vegas. The iconic singer deserves all the recognition she truly deserves, nearly 20 years after her tragic death in an airplane crash.

The wax figure will be on display at the Vegas museum beginning Aug. 22 where you can sing along to some of her music as well.

If you were a 90s baby you definitely know the impact Aaliyah's music had on the industry. Unfortunately her life was cut short, her voice being silenced at just 22 years old when she died in 2001. She will never be forgotten and with her new wax figure in Vegas, her legacy can now be taught to some younger generations. Her music lives on forever.


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