Separation Anxiety Hits Parents of College Bound Students

First time college students who are going away to school are usually the ones who fear leaving home and are uncertain about what's next. But this past weekend I was out and about and saw lots of college-bound students getting their school supplies, having trunk parties and spending those last hours with their parents and family.

The lines at a Target store in the south suburbs were so long I had to walk out. All I wanted was one item, and I just couldn't keep waiting in the long lines filled with excited students purchasing pillows, sheets and other necessities for their dorm rooms and apartments. Even some restaurants were packed with students enjoying meals with their families before heading off to school.

Separation anxiety for the parents was very evident, as many kept hugging and kissing their kids and saying things like "I miss you already," and "I can't believe this day has arrived already." And there were several prayers going forth for students on social media in captions, comments and in videos. Not only do the students get fearful of what lies ahead but parents do too. They may not show that they are full of anxiety, depressed and nervous about sending their children away to college, but for parents separation anxiety is real and may be more difficult for them to handle than what their child is experiencing.

So if you have a friend or relative who is sending their child to college, give them a big hug and assure them that everything will be okay.

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