Dad Gives Baby Girl A Pedicure And It's Total Cuteness

This video has cuteness, adorable and every other adjective that describes love all over it. I cannot stop watching the love that this New York firefighter has for his baby girl.

He is giving her a pedicure and the bond between the two of them is so cute that you'll want to watch the video over and over.

I am especially happy to see this image of a black man and his daughter spending quality time with each other, laughing, having fun and enjoying non verbal communication. THESE are the images that we need to see more of each day -- particularly in the black community. Yes there are black fathers who are very active in their child's life. Yes there are black fathers who care about their kids. Yes there are black families doing awesome things together, as a unit on a daily basis. Yes there is black love in the black family.

This video puts a smile in my heart. Much love to all of the fathers who cover their families.

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