Calls From Telemarketers And Bots Are Really Annoying

My phone must ring at least six times a day with a telemarketer or bot on the other end trying to sell me something and it is really becoming annoying. And what's really crazy is that sometimes the company calling may use the same area code and prefix to your phone number to make it seem as though the call is coming from someone right in your immediate area.

Lately I have just been picking up the phone and not saying anything at all, and the phone call will drop after a few seconds, but I'm finding that it doesn't matter because once you pick up the phone, they have you on record as picking up the phone call and guess what, they will call again.

What I really don't like is the whole automated calls. Once you answer and say hello, the bot on the other end will speak to you like she is your home girl or something. The technology is so advanced that the bot has a response to everything you say as though she is a human having a real conversation with you.

I wish there was a way to just cancel all telemarketers, but I understand they have a job to do so I will continue to be as pleasant as possible when they call and kindly ask them to add me to the 'do not call list' but I already know that won't work, they'll find another way to call at a later date.

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