Challenge Yourself To A Day Without Social Media And See What Happens

Like most people in the world, I am always on social media. Not because I am addicted to news and information, not because of my occupation, but because it is the norm for our daily lives nowadays. But believe it or not, not everybody is on social media so obviously you can still live a normal life without having Facebook, Instagram or any other account.

I am a person on the go, constantly doing this and that, traveling, hanging with family, etc. And wherever I go my phone is right there with me, always at the ready when it's time for me to see what's happening in the world around me. I guess you can say I'm sort of addicted to social media. No, not in a bad way where I absolutely cannot stay off of the internet, but in a way that when I want to know something I quickly grab my phone.

Some people are so tied to social media that they literally scroll up and down, swipe and post all day long. Not me, I cannot do that because I am too busy with other responsibilities. So if I miss a comment, or don't reply to something I'm obviously not "online." I have vowed to not let social media take over my world. Earlier this week I challenged myself to stay off of social media for 24 hours and I succeeded! I did not post one thing, nor did I pick up the phone to see what was going on and it felt good, real good. But reality hit me and I was right back at it the next day.

It's okay to take a break from social media, even if it's for an hour or two or a day or two. Trying to keep up with comments, posts, the ads, videos and everything else can be an overload of information on your brain. But it is part of our lives and we must, but please don't let it consume your world.

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