Good Customer Service Is Rare To Find These Days

I don't know if it is a generational thing, but sometimes when dealing with younger people at restaurants, stores, on the phone and so on the customer service is horrible. I mean really, really bad.

I was recently in a store and asked about an sales event that was taking place next week and the store clerk told me, "There isn't a sale, we never got an email about it or anything like that." I looked at her with a question mark all over my face because I KNEW there was a sale, the e-blast hit my email, there were commercials for it and everything. So why didn't an employee of the store know anything about it?

So I went to the manager of the store and asked my question and got the answer I needed. Basically the clerk just didn't want to deal with going to find the information, nor was she interested in what I had to say and just didn't care. She obviously didn't want to be bothered and told me any thing so I could be on my way.

I really don't like when customer service is poor. I feel if people don't want to deal with the public, will have an attitude about answering questions, and are not willing to assist when needed, they should perhaps look at a job in another field. With technology so advanced, it's bad enough we have to sit through automated customer service, or talk to 'bots or wait on hold for eternity. I don't want to have to deal with problems when I'm talking to another human -- especially when I'm spending my money.

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