Black Friday -VS- Cyber Monday

So, I've never got a chance to experiment with Black Friday. It was something very unattractive to me about getting trampled in the cold, pushed around like an old newspaper and i've had foot surgery so I'm NOT interested in getting my foot stepped on, by NO MEANS!!!!!!

Black Fridays' used to be appealing, exciting to get a sale, a deal and you may even come up a TV or some type of appliance. NOT anymore, I can actually stay in my warm house, in my warm onesie, under a blanket all while I am being entertained by my missed season of Sons of Anarchy. I can actually go shopping on line and get the same deals if not better, AND IT WILL BE SHIPPED TO ME!!!!!!

In my opinion, Black Friday is now even dangerous and uninviting. I'd rather stay at home, where it's safe...

Cyber Monday me all day Monday!

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