Giving Shouldn't Be Reserved For The Holidays

As we approach one of the most recognized holidays on the calendar, it is evident that there is more giving this time of year than any other time. 'Tis the season of sharing and giving, whether it be donating toys and gifts to those who are in need, helping the homeless, giving money to different organizations and charities, and sharing gifts with family.

But did you ever think of how much greater it would be if we all gave throughout the year? Holiday time is definitely a time of reflecting on the many things that have transpired throughout the course of the year and many people are conditioned to give once the holidays roll around. But you can give starting in January and going all the way to December.

There are so many ways that you can positively affect someone's life with giving of your time by volunteering, flashing a simple smile or making a nice gesture to a stranger. You can always give advice or a positive word to encourage someone. Blessing someone with a small, tangible gift when they least expect it is always nice too. Donating clothing or shoes that you haven't worn or maybe wore once and threw in the back of the closet, is super cool. Don't wait for holiday time to give, give love every day.

Happy holidays.

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