Illinois Won't Help In Collecting Red Light Camera Fines

Timing is everything and I am smoking right now at the fact that I just paid a red-light camera ticket. Just saw a story online that State Comptroller Susana Mendoza says Illinois will no longer help collect fines for red-light camera violations. What?? I literally just paid a $200 ticket yesterday because I did not want to get on the boot list. Ugh. I could have kept that money.

But I guess a debt is still a debt and I don't want to be hit with fees upon fees months from now for not paying so I guess I did the right thing in the long run. Here is the deal, Mendoza is calling the whole red-light camera program "broken and morally corrupt" and the state will no longer help collect the fines.

I agree! And I'm not just saying that because I had to fork up $200 plus late fees, I'm saying it because there are legit occasions when you're literally in the middle of the intersection and you still get the flashing lights. What are you supposed to do, stop in the middle of the street or slam on the brakes so hard that you cause an accident?

So I hope something can definitely be done with these red-light cameras. I say take them down and put up more cameras that catch some of this crime that's happening in the city. Just a thought.

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