Chicago's Michigan Avenue Louis Vuitton Store Robbed Again

Somebody has to explain to me how in the world the Louis Vuitton store on Michigan Avenue keeps getting robbed? I just don't understand it. Monday masked robbers walked into the store and ran out with more than $50,000 in merchandise. Now we all know that the high-end retailer has merchandise that will cost a grip, so you would think the security is top notch, right? I just don't see how this store continues to get robbed, I really don't.

There have been several times that I gone into or driven past the store and I see parked squad cars literally feet away from the store, in the median of Michigan Avenue. Or I've seen officers working foot patrol on the street within close proximity of the store. What gives?

What I don't understand is how this keeps happening. This has to be at least the 4th smash and grab robbery that I have heard of at this particular store within the last few years. That's bad. According to police, Monday around 6:45 p.m. five or six masked males came in, grabbed the merch and then drove away in a black SUV going northbound on Lake Shore Drive.

About an hour later, a similar robbery took place at the Louis Vuitton store at Northbrook Court Mall in the northwest suburb. Police say about 10 purses were stolen, valued at about $20,000. What gives?

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