Why Are There So Many People Reported Missing Every Day in Chicago?

The fact that so many people are reported missing these days is puzzling, scary and a real big concern. Every day it seems as though there is a report of a missing person whether it be an adult or child. Whenever I watch the news I see a different story about a grieving family who cannot find their loved one. Even driving on the expressways recently I've been seeing more and more amber alerts. What is really going on?

There have been some disturbing rumors that people are being snatched up for body parts which are being sold on the black market. And of course there is the problem of human trafficking, but what can be done about this? Can you imagine being taken by force out of your home, car or just walking down the street, never to be seen by your family again?

I am just saddened by the daily reports of another person missing. Sometimes there are happy endings to the stories when the person is found, but in most cases only a body is found and in some instances not even that can be recovered. This is a very serious issue. Parents, please always know your child's whereabouts and who they are coming in contact with. Ladies, please be careful with dating sites and apps and meeting up with total strangers. Tell one of your girls what your plans are before you make a move, send them a pic of the car and plate and even the date if you can. We all have to be more careful and aware of who we associate with.

My heart hurts for those families who still have no answers as to why their loved one disappeared days, months and even years later.

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