Some Younger People Have The Worst Customer Service Skills

Here we go again. I really don't like to diss Millennials or youth, but they have to learn how to be professional, especially when working in customer service.

I've been down this road before but I just have to mention it again, I guess this is a way for me to vent my frustrations at the fact that getting good customer service when dealing with certain individuals is next to impossible. It's scary when I roll through the drive-thru and my order is $5.03 and I hand the cashier $10.03. They can't even count and just hand me a $5 bill or five singles -- just give me my five dollars please!

Not only that, if you ask a question the person never knows the answer. I'm talking really easy questions like, "What time do you close?" I'll get a blank stare then the answer I don't want to hear which is usually, "I'm not sure, I think 9 or 10." Really? Are you kidding me right now? So you mean to tell me you work in a store and you don't know the hours of operation? Not acceptable!

Ugh ... I guess we are living in different times, but it's really sad that customer service is so poor in some instances. What is going on with our youth? Do they just not care anymore or are they just being hired to meet corporate quotas, because most people I come across in customer service these days don't need to be there.

Now I see why everybody is shopping online, geez.

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