Hate Crimes Are On The Rise In Chicago

Hate has no place in our world. It is really sad and disappointing that people still cannot accept the fact that we are all different and we should respect that.

Crime in Chicago has reached unbelievable peaks over the past few years and unfortunately hate crimes in the city are on the rise. According to the Chicago Police Department reported hate crimes have increased by 60 percent, based on sexual orientation, religious beliefs and immigration status.

Why in 2020 is this happening? Hasn't history taught us about discrimination and hate? What lessons have we learned over the past several decades? Nothing. It actually seems like things are getting worse and that truly is a shame. The hate crimes in Chicago particularly affect Jewish people, those in the LGBT community and immigrants.

We must learn to accept and love one another. I know that sounds cliche', but guess what? You cannot change people and you certainly cannot make people go away. Do better Chicago.

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