Fathers, Don't Let 'Girl Daddying' Be Just A Trend

Kobe Bryan'ts death is a tragedy, and I am still having difficulties processing it days later. And when I see images of him and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, I grow even more emotional. It still seems so unreal to me and I don't even have a connection to them.

Out of Kobe's death comes a trend. I feel indifferent about it, yet I celebrate it. This trend includes dads posting pics of themselves along with their daughter(s) on social media using the hashtag "girldad." I think it's a beautiful thing to see fathers loving on their daughters, spending time with them, nurturing them and all of that. However, it took Kobe and Gianna's death to see this in most cases.

Please understand this is not a slight to any father who loves his daughter, but dads I want you to celebrate your daughters, sons, wives, significant others always, not just because it a trend today. Please keep that same energy 5, 7, 10 months from now. Children are a gift from God. Loved ones should always be cherished. In good times and in bad proudly display or speak about their accomplishments and accolades and your love for them.

Thank you fathers for all that you do for your families ... and don't let this trend end.

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