'Masked Singer' Miss Monster Is Undoubtedly Chicago's Chaka Khan!

There are voices, and then there are VOICES.

And the iconic Chaka Khan has one of those voices that is unmistakable. There is not another voice like hers; it is so powerful and she can hit octaves that I didn't know even existed.

I try to catch FOX's "Masked Singer" when I can because it is a very enjoyable and fun show. Last night when I was watching, I knew instantly with the first couple of notes that it was Ms. Chaka under that costume. The tone of her voice is very obvious and when she hits those notes it's over with!

I know I'm right about this one, because nobody can sound like her although she is trying her best to disguise it. Let me just say there is no disguising that gift. I don't want to be spoiler to all of you "Masked Singer" fans, but the pink "Miss Monster" is definitely Chaka Khan.

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