Goodman Theatre's "Graveyard Shift" Loosely Based on Sandra Bland's Story

If you are looking for an excellent stage play that gives insight into the story of what happened to Sandra Bland in 2015, then I recommend Graveyard Shift. Playing at the Goodman Theatre, this production is loosely based on an incident that lead to the death of the Naperville woman who was found hanging in a jail cell five years ago.

Although Ms. Bland's death remains a mystery, with many believing she was actually murdered, Graveyard Shift portrays the life of "Janelle" who relocates to Texas and moves in with her partner Kane. It is a love story intertwining romantic experiences of all of the characters throughout the play, with twists and turns and a lot of interesting dialogue, which in my opinion is not suitable for children.

After Janelle settles in her new hometown and begins her new job on a college campus, she runs into a small-town Texas police officer who is going through heartache when he finds out his co-worker and lover decides to leave town. His emotions explode and he loses control.

After a heated conflict with the officer named Brian she gets arrested and locked up and days later is found dead -- by hanging.

Graveyard Shift is the work of rising stars playwright Korde Arrington Tuttle and Director Danya Taymor. It's a must-see that will keep you on the edge of your seat, laughing, crying and really thinking about the value of your life.

Graveyard Shift is at the Goodman Theatre through March 8.

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