Diddy Reloads MTVs "Making The Band"

It's baaaaack! Remember when Puff Daddy had people walking to Juniors to get some cheesecake back in 2000? Well he's at it again with the revival of MTV's "Making The Band" -- 2020 style. Now I'm not sure if Diddy will be having people walk to Juniors for cheesecake again, but he is holding auditions if you think you have what it takes to ... make the band.

I'm kind of disappointed that the music mogul decided to skip Chi-Town, where there is plenty of great talent, but if you're from the Chi and you want to audition you can always catch a flight or drive to Atlanta, Houston, Charlotte or New York.

And you knew Diddy had to keep it in the family! His sons Quincy, Justin and Christian will all be judges on the show. We definitely know Diddy has been in the biz for a minute and he knows what it takes to be a superstar, so if you are true to the game and ready to hustle here are the dates for the auditions:

Atlanta: February 28-29

Houston: March 7-8

Charlotte: March 13-14

New York: March 21-22

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