Robbers Hit Gold Coast Stores In Broad Daylight

Here we go again.

On Thursday there were a few stores hit by robbers on Michigan Avenue, in broad daylight. What in the world is going on? How does this keep happening? How are these brazen thieves able to just walk in, grab merchandise and get away? Well actually in this latest instance some of the suspects were arrested, but still.

I lost count on the amount of times the Louis Vuitton and Neiman Marcus stores have been robbed. It happens way too often. And the fact that H&M was hit twice in the same day does not make any sense.

I have seen officers patrolling Michigan Avenue and they even park their vehicles in the median along the Magnificent Mile, but where is their presence when these groups of people come in and rush the store? I would think these retailers would either hire more armed security or have a Chicago police presence since they have been through this so many times.

It is certainly getting more and more disappointing to know that you can't even enjoy shopping at your favorite stores during the day without the worry of being robbed, injured or worse. Chicago, please let's live in peace.

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