Brace Yourselves Chicagoans, Snow Is Expected This Week

Just when you thought winter was over here comes word that snow is going to hit Chicago over the next couple of days. Yikes! It is being reported that Chi Town may get up to six inches of snow, and not just snow they're reporting that heavy, wet snow.

Be careful when shoveling because it can be very stressful on the heart to shovel snow that heavy. Also check on seniors and the disabled, as falls can be very serious for them.

Hopefully the snow won't be as bad as being reported, it may be just a little bit and it could melt as soon as it falls -- at least that's what many are hoping for. But in the event we do get six inches of the stuff, drive with care, take your time and give yourself enough time to get where you're going.

And just FYI, spring is in 24 days!

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