Manicure and Pedicure Trends For All Seasons In 2020

Ladies, it's that time of year when we shed the mittens and gloves and make sure our fingers and toes are really looking their best. Spring is around the corner, but I want to give you some nail art trends for every season.

The most popular shade of polish are neutrals and nudes. These colors work for any occasion and always give a clean, fresh and classy look.

The French manicure is also a classic and widely popular for both short and long nails, and this year you can add a twist to your French manicure by adding a metallic color -- so cool looking. Although warmer weather is coming, short, dark nails are very popular and look good all year round.

A major trend that celebs and trendsetters are getting into are tonal ombre nails, you know the ones where you see a different color on each nail? You can either go all out with bright Skittles colors, or tone it down using a different neutral for each finger, either way it looks great.

Have fun with it and experiment to see what looks best on you. I even like mixing colors to come up with unique shades that you just won't find in a bottle anywhere, so fun!

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