J-Lo Feels She 'Let Her Fans Down' After Oscar Snub For "Hustlers"

I am a big fan of Jennifer Lopez. Always have been, always will be. Everything about her is on point as an entertainer. Her voice is good, her dancing is amazing and her fashion sense is off the meter. But I was just a bit taken aback when she recently told Oprah she felt like 'she let everyone down' when she didn't get nominated for an Oscar for her role in the movie "Hustlers."

Don't get me wrong, J-Lo was super good in her role as Ramona, however I don't think her acting in that role was Oscar-worthy. With all due respect, the character was not that complex and pretty much any accomplished actor could play that role.

The movie was good, grossing nearly $160 million at the box office, but there were so many other movies and roles that were far more worthy of the Oscar. I hope that Jen can concentrate more on acting so that perhaps she can at least get an Oscar nomination, or maybe even win the trophy. She's been in the entertainment business for a minute and that accolade would be great for her career.

I will say this though ... her pole dance scene? Now THAT deserved an Oscar!

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