Voting In America, Is It Really Worth It?

I am fully aware that my forefathers bled and died so I could have the right to vote, and in no way am I suggesting that anybody not exercise that right. I am a proud registered voter, but I feel that the political system has failed not only me, but many in this country. I am seriously looking at politics these days as though it is a reality TV show. Everything about it seems unfit for politics in America.

At one point I even considered running for a political office, but I'm not even excited about that too much anymore. Maybe the interest will come back, but for now I just want to observe from afar and that's a shame. It's really sad that those who are running for the highest office in the land are yelling, spewing hatred and unkind words at each other and really act like they are competing for an award of some sort.

I hope the day will come when politics can get back to what it was. Although the political system has always had its flaws since the beginning of time, at least at one time candidates were polished, highly skilled and somewhat respected. Today, I feel like I'm listening to a bunch of high-profile people who just want to be seen and heard, nothing more.

God please bless America because as a country we definitely need it.

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