Art Van Furniture Is Closing Its Stores, Let The Sales Begin

Nowadays it is really not that surprising when you hear of retail chains merging and selling off stores, but I will say I was caught off guard when I saw reports of Art Van Furniture stores closing.

For years I have shopped at Art Van because I really like the selection of furniture and accessories the store offers, but the fact that they are closing really shocked me! The store is based out of Detroit and has hundreds of stores throughout the Midwest, my favorite being the one in Downers Grove. When you walk in, it looks more like a department store than a furniture store!

I am happy to have had the opportunity to meet the founder of Art Van, Mr. Archie Art Van Elslander before he died in 2018. I'll miss shopping at Art Van Furniture, but I am also aware of the climate of retail these days. With online shopping and retailers selling through third parties and such, times are really changing.

Art Van plans on closing all of its stores by the end of May, with a liquidation sale beginning today. I really don't need anything, but when I hear the word "sale" you know I'll have to at least stop by to pay my final respects to this retailer.

So long Art Van Furniture.

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