Michigan Avenue Gucci Store Hit Again - Really?

After yet another robbery of the Gucci store on Michigan Avenue this week, I'm beginning to think something is really just not right, and I have questions.

First, why doesn't the store hire armed guards who have a real presence throughout the store? They should be posted up right at the entrance. Secondly, if these robberies continue to happen, why can't a police officer be assigned to that location, even if it's a few days a week. Or at least maybe park a squad car outside the store to make it seem as though there is an officer inside?

Thirdly, are there cameras capturing these thieves? I find it so hard to believe that people can just bum rush a store, grab thousands of dollars of merchandise then run out, get in a car and speed away and not get caught. That's just too easy.

And finally, why does this keep happening? If you know something happens regularly, don't you set up measures to prevent it from happening again? How these robberies keep happening, and in broad daylight during peak hours just blows my mind. Okay, I'm done venting ... until the next robbery happens.

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