There Is Some Optimism When It Comes To Coronavirus

It seems like every time you hear a news report about coronavirus the news get worse. Maybe I am just obsessed with watching the news, but I have to watch it day and night. I start my day watching the news and I go to bed watching the news. And throughout the day the TV is always on a news channel or I'm watching a show that reports the news.

Family members have warned me to stop watching so many newscasts about coronavirus, but I just can't help it. This pandemic not only affects me, but it affects people I love and care for too -- including you. I will try my best to wean off of the news, but I don't think right now is the time.

But although we're living in uncertain times, believe it or not there is some optimism when it comes to coronavirus. According to experts and faculty at Harvard Medical School, here is some good news about it:

  1. Most people with the virus that causes COVID-19 will recover, an estimated 99 percent of them. And many people who contract the virus don't even have symptoms. Also the overall death rate is 1 percent.
  2. Good news for parents, children are infected less often and have a milder form of the disease.
  3. The pandemic began in Wuhan China and the number of cases there are declining. Hopefully that will be a trend with a domino affect around the globe.
  4. The Internet right now is everything! If you are quarantined you can still "visit" family, seek medical help, communicate with others and be entertained. Boy, can you be entertained these days!
  5. Hopefully this pandemic will teach us a lesson about being better prepared when it comes to healthcare and the necessities needed when it comes to outbreaks.
  6. People, organizations and businesses are stepping up to help out. Many celebrities and prominent people are donating goods and money to help provide supplies and other needs to help fight the virus.

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