When The Words 'Thank You' Are Just Not Enough

Human and social services should be valued way more now than ever. On a given day I always thank those that serve, protect and help us, and during this pandemic I will continue to do so but I don't feel the words 'thank you' are enough.

Imagine working with very ill people from morning to night? To every single essential worker, especially the frontline medical professionals, we thank you. If I could say thank you until next week it still would not be enough.

Thank you for risking your lives to help others. Thank you for spending more time on the job than you are at home. Thank you for putting the safety and comfort of others before your own. Thank you for being a counselor, psychiatrist, friend, psychologist and so much more to patients in time of need.

If you know of, see, run into or come in contact with any essential worker, please tell them 'thank you.'

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