Meghan and Harry Drop The Mic On Their Royal Duties

They asked for it, they got it.

Well the time has come for Meghan Markle and hubby Harry to become "normal" citizens as they are giving up their titles of senior royals. This is unprecedented news, but the pandemic going on throughout the world right now is even bigger.

But back to the former royals. What happens next remains unclear, but that title of royalty will no longer exist, they signed off on their Instagram account using their first names only and we've all heard that they are probably going to settle in Canada, but I'm sure trips will be taken to London to visit the family from time to time ... maybe?

Meghan already has a gig narrating a Disney documentary about elephants, and Harry can pretty much do whatever he wants. He's charming, has good looks and quiet as it's kept, will always be a member of the royal family so he's good.

Whatever they couple decides for the family I am all for it. I'm sure the Brits never thought this day would come, but it's here and I'm all about tradition and all, but when you know what's best for your life you have to do what you have to do.

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