When Constant Breaking News Breaks Your Heart

Allow me to be transparent for a moment please. I am a "news junkie." As a child, while many kids were watching cartoons, I would be watching CNN or other news channels. During most of my childhood I was drawn to watching news every day, sometimes a few times a day.

And as an adult I still can't start my morning or end the day without watching a newscast. But with the climate of our world today with the coronavirus and all, I have to admit I dread turning on the news now. I am anticipating so much bad news that it hurts to even watch. I have to watch the news though to stay informed not only because of my profession, but because I guess it's just the journalist in me.

I want to inform you that there is nothing wrong with turning off the TV for a portion of the day. Don't feel the need to watch news reports continuously because subliminally the negative and sobering news can really affect you emotionally and mentally, and sometimes even physically.

I really appreciate how TV newscasts are starting to incorporate "feel good" stories and not inundating us with so much news about the pandemic, that is very much appreciated. And I thank YOU for joining me on the "Bionce' FoxXperience" where hopefully I can take your mind off of things and you can enjoy great music throughout the midday. Thanks for joining me, we'll get through this together.

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