Careful: Using The Zoom App Can Result In "Zoombombing"

With the shelter in place pretty much covering most states these days, more people are staying home for work, school and using apps like Zoom to communicate.

Well be careful when using Zoom because somehow hackers are able to jump in on conference calls, public forums, group meetings, classes and whatever you are using it for to spew hateful messages and somehow pornography it making its way across the screen! This is called "Zoombombing" and it has affected a great deal of people.

But there is a way to block that from happening the next time you decide to hold a meeting with your church group or elderly parents. Whew, okay the company is encouraging you to use features like a waiting room, a meeting lock and a limit on screen sharing. I've seem some conferences with as many as 20 people attending and the lower the number, probably the better.

If you want more info on how to disable those hackers from getting in on your Zoom communications, just go to the web settings. And by the way, the Zoom app now has 32 million daily active users - 10 times as many a year ago. Wow.

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