Center For Disease Control Encourages Americans To Wear Face Coverings

I realize this coronavirus situation has caught many of us off guard. Simply put, we were not prepared for this. Each day listening to the statistics of those losing their lives gets more and more scary. And not knowing if your neighbor, family member or that person you just walked by has coronavirus doesn't make things any better.

But each day it seems like we are learning something new about this deadly virus, and there is a new suggested guidance added to the mix. Now the CDC is encouraging every American to wear a face covering to protect against the spread of the virus. Makes sense to me. But what doesn't make sense is that we are JUST NOW being encouraged to do this knowing the virus has been around for several weeks now.

One thing the CDC asks is that you don't wear medical-grade N95 masks because those should be reserved for healthcare workers because they are in short supply. And just because your face will be covered doesn't mean that you should stop practicing social distancing and washing your hands.

And by the way, using a face covering is voluntary, you're certainly not obligated to wear one. But if it will help 'flatten the curve,' and make us ALL well, why wouldn't you want to?

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