No Need To Move Your Parked Car, Unless It's Parked Illegally

I know most people are tired of being under quarantine and are ready to get out of the house but there is some good news with being stuck in the crib. The Dept. of Streets and Sanitation is giving us a break by not ticketing or towing us for being parked on Chicago streets.

You know how they post those signs for no parking on designated days so they can sweep the streets? Well now it's okay for you to stay parked. The city realizes that people are encouraged to stay at home so you will not be issued a ticket or towed -- unless you are parked illegally. So please don't take advantage of this gesture and think you can just park next to a fire hydrant or in a tow zone. Don't do that, but if you are parked legally, you don't have to worry about running out of the house to try to move your car before that designated "no parking" time.

And one more thing ... please help out by keeping an eye on those sewers so they don't get too full of trash since they're not being swept as often. We don't want another problem a couple of months from now.

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