Brace Yourself: Summer Fun May Be Cancelled

Looks like many activities scheduled for this summer may not happen.

Now before you get upset, that is not confirmed, I just want to give you a heads up that state and city officials are now in discussions to determine if major events such as Lollapalooza, Taste of Chicago and others will be cancelled.

We are living in surreal times. A pandemic. I don't have a problem with certain things being cancelled or postponed if it means saving the lives of hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people. Some people may not understand the severity of the effects of a pandemic, but it is real and something that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Wouldn't you rather allow this crisis to pass before we jump back in to what life was like before coronavirus? I get it, our economy needs to get back on track and people want to enjoy life but waiting out a while longer to have major events would be much better than people becoming sick again and the potential of more lives being lost. I guess in upcoming days we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Oh by the way, Coachella would have been this weekend.

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