Today Is Tax Day But You Get A Break

Just about every American adult is fully aware of what today is ... it's TAX DAY! But before you get nervous about not filing your taxes, it's cool because you will be getting an extension given the current state of our country, and the world.

So here's the good news. The filing deadline has been extended to July 15, a whole 90 days after the usual April 15th deadline. And even if you owe the Internal Revenue Service, there is a break for you too. You don't have to pay until July 15 without penalty or interest whether you're an individual or a business.

But you don't have to wait until July 15 to file, you can do it before then and expect your refund (if you're getting one) about three weeks after you file. And the cherry on top is that you can expect your stimulus check in the mail any day now, as the first batch has been processed and sent out.

You're probably under enough stress right now with this pandemic, so go ahead and sigh a breath of relief, it's going to be okay. We'll all be getting back to work soon and the economy will become stronger than it has ever been.

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