Kenya Governor Throws Hennessy at the Coronavirus

In what has become my FAVORITE melanated story in the times of COVID-19… a governor in Kenya has come under fire for including small bottles of Hennessy in care packages for his constituents.

Nairobi politician Mike Sonko defended his decision by saying he included the Henny as a “throat sanitizer” which health officials and Hennessy itself immediately said was not a thing… that the alcohol was not a deterrent or treatment against the virus. Health officials also cautioned against increased alcohol consumption during this time.

However, I have to say that I think Mike was just trying to be helpful… and his constituents know good and well that the Hennessy gift is not and was not ever intended to do anything but ease the pain of sheltering in place. And that was his original, if not stated, intent.

And my guess is ol’ Mike will be in office for years to come behind this little stunt… ig’nant? Perhaps. But honest with a spirit of service? FRFR. His heart was in the right place, if you ask me!

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