Spring 2020 Fashion Trends: Just Wear And Do What You Want

Okay FOXXY Fashionistas! Take a break from everything going on right now and come on a fashion escape with me. I can never talk about fashion and beauty trends enough because there's always something popping up that looks good or is fun to try.

Some of the fashion and beauty trends this spring include gender neutral makeup. We've all seen a guy or two wearing a bright red lip or showing off a perfectly structured cheekbone highlighted in a bronzey-gold blush? If you haven't, you probably will because more men are beginning to leave the house with a full face beat. And I must admit many of them look stunning.

Another trend to look out for, but one I won't ever have to worry about, is the Bermuda short. You can wear this knee-length short with a jacket, T-shirt, sweatshirt or whatever you prefer. I'm good on these though, they are generally more appealing on taller women. Pass.

And the color blue is a hit for spring, no matter what the shade. Dark blue, light blue, navy blue or any hue of blue because there are a lot of them. This should be an easy trend for me to rock since I have like a gazillion pairs of blue jeans. And as always, there aren't any rules to fashion, just wear what you want!

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