H.E.R. Is Not A New Artist, She's Been Singing

Most celebs that you see blowing up the charts didn't just get there overnight. Nothing happens that fast, especially in the music industry. Trust me, most artists have put in work for years and years before they even get recognized in some instances.

And Grammy award winning singer H.E.R. is just one of those people. Don't call her a new artist because she's been actually singing for a long time, appearing on 'Good Morning America' more than 12 years ago. H.E.R.'s given name is Gabi Wilson and she performed Alicia Keys' hit song "If I Ain't Got You" when she was just 10. Her parents were on set and she nailed the song, leaving the GMA hosts surprised by her mature vocals.

H.E.R.'s vocals and piano skills were good back then, obviously well advanced for a kid. Everybody has to start somewhere, and having an opportunity to perform on a national platform like GMA was no small task, so I'm sure little Gabi knew she was destined for greatness.

Well we've seen that happen, just look at H.E.R. now.

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