Will Your Life Change After The Pandemic?

I've had some pretty interesting conversations with people on what they are going to do once the pandemic blows over and the quarantines are officially lifted. Let's be real, the virus will always be around but hopefully a vaccine will be found sooner than later.

Most people I have spoken with say that living in quarantine has given them an opportunity to really think about their personal and professional goals, spending more time with family and enjoying their lives. It also prompted others to save more money, take better precaution to protect their investments and take care of their bodies better.

I think for the most part we have all learned from the pandemic and what it feels like to be quarantined. I think while most will adjust and get right back into their regular routine, others will always have in the back of their minds that we could experience something like this again so they'll be a little more cautious. Either way, life will change. We may now be required to wear masks in certain places, there may be lines to get into establishments, we'll be more programmed to wash our hands more often and at the onset of a simple cough or sneeze we'll be fearful that perhaps we may have contracted a serious virus.

How will your life change after the pandemic?

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