The Better We Do, The Better We'll Be

I empathize with those who have lost their job, their business or even a loved one due to the coronavirus pandemic. My heart aches every time I see a news story or watch a press conference about how coronavirus has devastated someone. I know people are ready to get back to their routines (me included) and I know people need to get back to work to provide for their families, but we have to work together to make things work for the better.

We have to be diligent in making sure that we are not returning back to society too quickly following the onslaught of coronavirus. The thought that many people are out running, sitting in parks, congregating, having parties and doing things that are not recommended just blows my mind.

Why wouldn't people want to help bend the curve so that we can all be safe and healthy? Even if you have no symptoms of coronavirus or if you don't know anyone who has been infected by it, or you just don't care, please take the time to educate yourself on what this virus is all about and the toll it has had not only on the world, but on your neighbor and maybe a family member. And who knows, you can be asymptomatic and not realize you're infected too.

If we don't do what we are being asked to do to make things better, we can be putting ourselves in a position that will make it 10 times worse. Please, do the best that you can to follow the procedures that have been put in place for us all. Please.

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