Master P Stands Up For His, And Son Romeo's Character

Master P is not having it with the producers of Growing Up Hip Hop. He told them that he does not appreciate how they are trying to dig up some dirt between his son Romeo and Angela Simmons, how they edit scenes to portray anger and rage, and that the type of behavior they are trying to promote is what leads to broken families.

For years I have known that on these reality shows the crazier you act, the more ratings and clicks you will get. I personally know people who have been on reality shows and they have admitted that producers want you to do the most because that is what people "want to see." That's not always the case.

And that's probably why I can't get into the reality shows that show women calling each other out their names, pulling each other's hair while fighting and other actions that aren't so lady-like. I just can't get with it.

And Master P made it clear that he wasn't with some of the foolishness either. And even though his son Romeo was once an executive producer, he also saw what was really going on and said he will not stand for the show telling a story that is not really the truth. He couldn't deal with the fake love story between him, Angela Simmons and Bow Wow. So he quit. He's done.

I'm happy that not everybody has to "sell their souls" for a check or to stay relevant. It is not always good to do things to get ratings or clicks. Sometimes you just have to be true to yourself and take a stand.

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