When A Dream Becomes Reality For This American Idol

Whatever you desire to do in life, just do it. Plain and simple. Anything that you put your mind to, have a passion for and work hard at achieving can be yours. It happens.

Just ask Samantha Diaz, the 21-year-old from Harlem who went from singing in the subway to being the winner of American Idol. Her life is not a typical one. She has had some challenges, like having a mother who is incarcerated, being reared by her grandmother and having to sing in the subway not only because she enjoys it, but because it probably put food on the table.

So that is proof that no matter what your background, your past, your situation, your circumstance, you can do what you want to do. Work at it now, there is no need to wait until tomorrow because tomorrow is not promised. Do what you want to do starting NOW.

Congratulations to Just Sam as she's referred to, this young lady has a promising career and I wish her nothing but continued success and I hope this platform can inspire others to do big things.

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