Every News Story Is NOT Breaking News!

According to the dictionary breaking news is defined as "newly received information about an event that is currently occurring or developing."

So please tell me why does it seem that today's newscasts are full of breaking news stories? That is just not possible! There was a time when breaking news would have us rushing to get to a TV, radio, computer, or phone to see what was going on. It was something that was developing, shocking and in the moment, not stories that have been recycled throughout the day or recently reported.

When I watch the news now I see the words 'breaking news' flash across the screen on multiple stories. Newscasts literally start with a "breaking news" story every day, when it is something I saw on an earlier newscast. That's not breaking.

We have to get back to breaking news being news that is breaking, and stop all the hype with bright red graphics and sound effects enticing us into thinking that something super urgent is happening when it's not.

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