Please, Just Wear A Mask or Face Covering

If wearing a mask or face covering is going to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, I'm doing it. I cannot figure out why so many people are against wearing a mask. It is very inconsiderate, borderline immature and quite annoying when people get mad that they are required or it is suggested to wear one.

Medical professionals and scientists have found that the masks/face coverings can help block droplets from the nose and mouth when we talk, laugh, sneeze or cough. If someone is infected with the virus and those droplets enter your nose or mouth then you, too, can get infected. And you don't have to be a scientist to figure that out.

I totally understand those who have a disability or a medical condition that prohibits them from wearing a face covering -- no problem, that is totally acceptable. But for every other person please just wear the mask. This pandemic is far from over and we all have to do our part to continue to prevent the spread.

I just pray this reopening of the country does not backfire on us. And I pray a vaccine is available in the very near future. Until then if you can, please just wear the mask.

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