Will we ever get back to a normal world?

Would we ever get back to a normal world? When our face wasn't covered by a surgical mask? When the normal was to have a human touch, even to recognize a human face. But all of that has changed so drastically now and on top of that, we are face-to-face with racism head on, not to mention, Corona Virus is on our backs reminding us to take care of our health, despite of whats going on in the world.

Now we are faced with a new problem, the following USPS delivery service offices have limited delivery:

Englewood, 611 W. 63rd Street 60621

Henry McGee, 4601 S. Cottage Grove 60615/60653

Wicker Park, 1419 W. Carroll 60636

Ogden Park, 6559 S. Ashland 60636

James Worsham 7748 S. Cottage Grove

Finance Station, 3933 W. North

All will be closed until further noticed...

Will we ever go back to normal? Will the small black owned businesses be able to serve this?

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