Starbacks: Employees Won't Be Wearing Black Lives Matter Gear

Although the coffee giant says it is "committed to being a part of change," following weeks of racial tension from another case of police brutality, Starbucks is not allowing its employees to wear clothing, accessories or anything displaying Black Lives Matter. The reason? Starbucks' dress code policy states that anything that wearing anything that has to do with politics or religion is prohibited.

Actually a lot of companies have this policy and I probably should check my employee handbook again to see what my employer's policy is because truth be told I don't know what it is right now.

Hashtag "Boycott Starbucks" was a trending topic on Twitter most of the day and a genius post that stood out to me made a great point. When the barista who takes your order asks for your name, try saying "Black Lives Matter" or "BLM" because they have to call you when your order is ready, right?

Man, I wish Starbucks would allow their employees freedom of expression. I'm almost positive that if Starbucks took the lead on this other major corporations would follow, and wouldn't that be a great example of being a part of change?

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