Cheers! Chicago Bars and Restaurants Are Open, But ...

Chicago bars and restaurants are now officially open but there are some restrictions. First, only outdoor service is available, or if there is a room with a retractable roof, or if you're on a patio or deck that is okay, you will be served.

And even outdoors, tables must be six feet apart, and there is a limit of six or less people to be seated at a table. You'll only be able to stay for a maximum of two hours, and you will notice that certain things like salted rims on a glass, bread and butter and garnishes like limes and lemons will not be available in most restaurants.

If you opt to have your drinks delivered or if you choose carry-out, alcohol sales ends at 9 p.m. or if you go to a bar or restaurant, sales end at 11 p.m.

The good news is that there is a sense of "normalcy" returning to Chicago and the city is on pace to open more of the economy beginning July 1. Cheers to that.

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