Parents Have A Tough Decision To Send Kids Back To The Classroom

Parents of children who attend Chicago Public Schools have until Aug. 7 to decide if they want to opt out of sending their child back into a school building when school resumes this fall.

COVID-19 cases are on the rise, and while children don't appear to be at a higher risk than adults, it is still something to be cautious of. The decision of sending a child back into the traditional classroom is weighing heavily on many parents that I have spoken with.

The biggest fear is that their child may contract the virus and they just don't want to take that risk. Still others say that they have to work and they do not have the resources to stay at home and allow their children to be home-schooled or educated remotely.

What's a parent to do? There are so many factors that affect many families in different ways. I just hope the decision will be in the best interest of the child because it is imperative that our youth continue to be educated in a secure and safe environment.

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