Puerto Rico Gets Added To Chicago's Quarantine List

If you are planning a trip to Puerto Rico just know that the territory is now added to Chicago's quarantine list. There are several states already added to the list, but the territory has been recently added because of a rise in COVID-19 cases.

Every Tuesday the city takes a look at its travel order, and any additions go into effect the following Friday. States or areas with 15 new COVID cases per 100,000 people per day, over a week-long rolling average will be added to the list.

If you visit any of the following places, you must quarantine for 14 days once you return to Chicago:

Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nevada, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah and Wisconsin.

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